Direct to Consumer and Rx Experience


Consumer communication experience includes a variety of companies and products including Coca Cola, Exxon, Westinghouse, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Nabisco, Sterling Drugs (Bayer), Pantene, NBC TV and Schenley Industries. Work in TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and trade promotions.


Medical Voice Network programs are designed to engage and educate the targeted audience; physicians, pharmacists, RNs, Nurse Practitioners, Diabetes Educators and other healthcare decision makers. Our clients recognize that credible clinical education is necessary for product leadership. Physicians and other healthcare providers prefer learning from their peer leaders. Our programs are developed under the guidance of authors and editors from recognized institutions of excellence, providing the impeccable credentials and high standing in their respective professional communities.

Our programs are designed and produced to target any particular group within any specialty, and are developed within all FDA guidelines and carry the endorsement of leading universities, hospitals and appropriate professional associations.